John's goals include passing legislation to protect the basic human rights of Georgians including:

1. Delivering Medicare to All

2. Free College / Trade School Tuition for Georgians

3. Empowering our Economy by Investing in Renewable Energy.

4. Minimizing paperwork and eliminating means testing for services that deliver basic human needs.



A. Ranked-Choice Voting: Numbering candidates in your order of preference

B. Human-Marked1 & Human-Readable Paper Ballots2 that are scanned by Ranked Choice Voting enabled ballot scanners, audited in each precinct on election night.

C. Automatic, Permanent3 Voter Registration and restoring felon and incarcerated persons' voting rights4.

D. Issue tax discount coupons for each election you participate in.

E. Pass U.S. HR 48 - Money is Not Free Speech, and Corporations Do Not Have Human Rights



1Ballot Marking Devices are suitable for marking ballots for visually-challenged and differently-abled person, pens and pencils are cost-effective and much faster for marking ballots for most voters, thus avoiding voting-technology caused bottlenecks, those unnecessary delays and lines at the polls.

2Voters selections on the ballot shall not be encoded into bar codes or other non-human-readable methodologies, which provide another means of rigging the vote.

3This will save the state & counties money on administrative costs, and end the ridiculous inactive voter purges. Georgia voters who have moved shall be able to change their registration address on election day.

4Previously incarcerated citizens shall have all their voting right instantly restored upon release. All incarcerated citizens shall be able to vote in all regional, statewide, and federal races, but not in county or municipal races.