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John "Green" Fortuin

to U.S. Senate

Elect Georgia Green Party Nominee John "Green" Fortuin to U.S. Senate
Elect Georgia Green Party Nominee John "Green" Fortuin to U.S. Senate

John has been fighting for your Human Rights, Constitutional Rights, and Economic Rights since the 1990's, with groups fighting for the environment, fair trade, and fair / auditable elections based on paper ballots.

John supports implementing a REAL Green New Deal to achieve a net-zero carbon economy in 5 years, with a WWII-style economic transformation to make that goal possible.

Georgia's registered voters should apply for an absentee ballot now to avoid expected election day snafus.  Click here to request your Absentee Ballot from Georgia's Secretary of State.

If you have yet to register to vote in Georgia, or you have moved since voting previously, click here to register to vote with your current information. 

Vote for
Georgia Green Party nominee
John "Green" Fortuin!

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Our Pandemic Platform -

Click here to access and download our platform which addresses most of 2020's major crisis, dealing comprehensively with COVID-19, the inadequate COVID-19 response, the coming "Greater Depression", Climate Change, the and other urgent issues avoided by my opponents and the "money" parties.  The platform covers:

  • • Pandemic and Healthcare Solutions
  • • Income Support Solutions
  • • Economic Solutions
  • • Labor Solutions,
  • • Housing Solutions
  • • Protecting Vulnerable Populations
  • • Ensuring Continuity of Public Services
  • • Protecting Democratic Institutions and Processes
  • • Jumpstarting our Economy
  • • Repealing Bad Trade Agreements
  • • International Policy Reforms
  • • Monetary Policy reform
  • • Tax and Revenue policy reform

and the platform includes footnotes to easily verify under-reported, yet critical facts.

Click here to access and download our platform!

Thank you.