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Our Pandemic Platform -

Click here to access and download our platform which addresses most of 2020's major crisis, dealing comprehensively with COVID-19, the inadequate COVID-19 response, the coming "Greater Depression", Climate Change, the and other urgent issues avoided by my opponents and the "money" parties.  The platform covers:

  • • Pandemic and Healthcare Solutions
  • • Income Support Solutions
  • • Economic Solutions
  • • Labor Solutions,
  • • Housing Solutions
  • • Protecting Vulnerable Populations
  • • Ensuring Continuity of Public Services
  • • Protecting Democratic Institutions and Processes
  • • Jumpstarting our Economy
  • • Repealing Bad Trade Agreements
  • • International Policy Reforms
  • • Monetary Policy reform
  • • Tax and Revenue policy reform

and the platform includes footnotes to easily verify under-reported, yet critical facts.

Click here to access and download our platform!

Thank you.